The Nightmare Unleashed – The Hair Loss That Wouldn’t Stop

When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew that it was possible that I would experience the hair loss again.  I braced myself for this to happen.  Sure enough, about two months later, I was reading the newspaper and suddenly hair started falling on the white paper like rain drops.  It was ALOT of hair.  I grabbed a trash can and shook my hair over it.  It just rained hair and the bottom of the trash can was black with my hair.  I knew what this was and I tried not to worry, thinking that I only had to get through a couple of months.  But, this time was different. There was ALOT more hair.  I would keep clumps and ropes of hair. I would clog the drain. I would have to vacuum daily and I could never wear white or light clothes because the falling black hair would be oh so obvious.  After a couple of months, the loss became very obvious.  My ponytail was not about 1/8 of it’s previous size.  I would change my son’s diaper and hair would fall all over him.  I would eat and hair would fall in my mouth.  I was sure that when I sought medical treatment, I could quickly fix this situation, but I was very disappointed.  Next up, my frustrations.

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