One Specialist After Another

I started with my dermatologist. She wouldn’t help me until I’d gone six months with the hair loss (then I would be suffering from CTE (chronic telegen effluvium) rather than just regular short lived TE.  I went back at the six months mark.  She tested my sex hormones and did a hair pull test.  She said that yes, it was clear that I had excess hair loss, but my estrogen, testosterone, etc. were all within normal limits.  I was given rogaine, told that sometimes pregnancy kicks off AGA (female pattern baldness), and sent on my way.

In the meantime, I started to research things that can cause women’s hair loss.  Mine was going on way too long and in my heart I knew that something must be wrong.  I went to endocrinologist to check my thyroid and adrenals.  I went to a rheumatologist to check for chronic inflammation or some sort of autoimmune disorder that could be kicking off autoimmune hair loss.  I went to two other dermatologist – this was over the course of a year and a half.  But, no one could really help me.  All of my tests were within normal ranges and some even gave me the idea that they thought this was psychological.

I kept plugging away on my own.  I tried rogaine, spiro, specialty shampoos, hair coverings called toppix, hair growth formulas, etc.  Some of these things helped a little, but the loss came back.  Then, almost two years after my hair loss when I had all but given up, I found someone who actually helped me.

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