Finally Some Help

One day in desperation, it became obvious to me that I was going to have to think about supplemental hair.  I didn’t know if the loss would slow, but I wanted to be prepared if it didn’t.  After about two years of hair loss, the process had taken it’s told.  So, I went to a hair salon that specialized in hair pieces, extensions, wigs, and toppers.

The stylist was wonderful and had experienced hair loss herself.  She examined my head and noticed some scalp issues which she asked if I had noticed.  I had.  In fact, my scalp often burned and was red, but I chalked it up to “burning scalp syndrome” that often goes hand in hand with hair loss. She also noticed little flakes in my eye lashes and brows.  I’d been on special shampoo for this, but it hadn’t helped my hair loss.

The stylist fitted me for a topper, but told me that she felt that my best bet would be a two step process. First, I would need to beat down the inflammation that was obvious because of my red scalp.  Once this was calmed down, I needed to concentrate on regrowing hair once I had a healthy scalp to work with.

It turns out that at least in my case, the rogaine was only burning my scalp and clogging my hair follicles.  (This is ONLY in my case.  I know people who have had very good results with rogaine so you have to do what works for you. She magnified my follicles and showed me an angry, clogged mess.) So, now that I knew the problem (inflammation and a lack of regrowth) I then started a mad quest on how to combat these things.  Here’s what I found out and here’s what has helped me.

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