My Story Of Losing And Regrowing Hair

In this blog, I’m going to outline how I dealt with my hair loss issues and the severe scalp problems that followed.  It’s my hope that something here will resonate with and help you. If you’ve found this blog, I know how frustrated you are.  I can honestly say that my periods of hair loss […]

How My Hair Loss Started

I only worried norminally about my hair loss at first.  It started after the birth of my son.  It didn’t last long.  I just noticed little fir balls of hair at the bottom of my shower when I washed.  And little tumble weeds of hair on my stairs and in my lint collector in the […]

The Nightmare Unleashed – The Hair Loss That Wouldn’t Stop

When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew that it was possible that I would experience the hair loss again.  I braced myself for this to happen.  Sure enough, about two months later, I was reading the newspaper and suddenly hair started falling on the white paper like rain drops.  It was ALOT […]

One Specialist After Another

I started with my dermatologist. She wouldn’t help me until I’d gone six months with the hair loss (then I would be suffering from CTE (chronic telegen effluvium) rather than just regular short lived TE.  I went back at the six months mark.  She tested my sex hormones and did a hair pull test.  She said that […]

Finally Some Help

One day in desperation, it became obvious to me that I was going to have to think about supplemental hair.  I didn’t know if the loss would slow, but I wanted to be prepared if it didn’t.  After about two years of hair loss, the process had taken it’s told.  So, I went to a […]

Getting Answers

Note: If this page cuts off at the bottom, you can click here to see it fully. From the tons of research that I did, I learned that the ingredients in hair care products, hair loss products, and even hygiene products that we used are filled with ingredients that are extremely irritating.  Many of them […]

Terms Of Service / Affiliate Disclosures / Privacy

The FTC requires that I disclose any connection between the products on this site and the content here.  I am not “paid to post” and I was not given money or products to make this site or submit a review.  I am, however, an affiliate of clickbank, the company that distributes the products found on […]