My Story Of Losing And Regrowing Hair

In this blog, I’m going to outline how I dealt with my hair loss issues and the severe scalp problems that followed.  It’s my hope that something here will resonate with and help you. If you’ve found this blog, I know how frustrated you are.  I can honestly say that my periods of hair loss were among the hardest hurdles in my life.  It sounds silly, really. I used to tell myself.  “you’re healthy.  You have two healthy children. What is wrong with you.  Hair is external. It’s just keratin and protein.  Get over it already.”  But, of course, this is easier said than done.  As a woman, as sad as it is to admit, so much of my self esteem and self worth was tied up in the way that I looked.  I didn’t expect to look like a beauty queen and never had.  But, I did want to look normal.  I didn’t want for people to have to do it double take when they looked at me and wonder if I were ill or on chemo or something.  My husband would tell me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but photos back from that time period show a definite noticeable change in my appearance. (OK maybe people didn’t run when they looked at me, but I felt awful about myself and weirdly ashamed.).  This is a very weird thing about hair loss, but it made me feel like I had done something wrong or was missing something.  Anyway, enough of my going and on and on.  If I haven’t bored you already, you can read my story by clicking here or scrolling down. I have to tell you, that I’m by no means an expert and I can’t offer any guantees or represent any “typical results.”  (If you have any questions about this, please read the terms of service and affiliate disclosures)

How My Hair Loss Started

I only worried norminally about my hair loss at first.  It started after the birth of my son.  It didn’t last long.  I just noticed little fir balls of hair at the bottom of my shower when I washed.  And little tumble weeds of hair on my stairs and in my lint collector in the dryer.  My doctor assured me that this was normal and I was able to confirm this by researching online.  This probably lasted about two months and although I lost all of my bangs and looked ridiculous, the loss stopped and I mostly forgot about it.  I do not think my hair ever regained it’s original thickness, but it was mostly OK.  Next up, when the real nightmare began.

The Nightmare Unleashed – The Hair Loss That Wouldn’t Stop

When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew that it was possible that I would experience the hair loss again.  I braced myself for this to happen.  Sure enough, about two months later, I was reading the newspaper and suddenly hair started falling on the white paper like rain drops.  It was ALOT of hair.  I grabbed a trash can and shook my hair over it.  It just rained hair and the bottom of the trash can was black with my hair.  I knew what this was and I tried not to worry, thinking that I only had to get through a couple of months.  But, this time was different. There was ALOT more hair.  I would keep clumps and ropes of hair. I would clog the drain. I would have to vacuum daily and I could never wear white or light clothes because the falling black hair would be oh so obvious.  After a couple of months, the loss became very obvious.  My ponytail was not about 1/8 of it’s previous size.  I would change my son’s diaper and hair would fall all over him.  I would eat and hair would fall in my mouth.  I was sure that when I sought medical treatment, I could quickly fix this situation, but I was very disappointed.  Next up, my frustrations.

One Specialist After Another

I started with my dermatologist. She wouldn’t help me until I’d gone six months with the hair loss (then I would be suffering from CTE (chronic telegen effluvium) rather than just regular short lived TE.  I went back at the six months mark.  She tested my sex hormones and did a hair pull test.  She said that yes, it was clear that I had excess hair loss, but my estrogen, testosterone, etc. were all within normal limits.  I was given rogaine, told that sometimes pregnancy kicks off AGA (female pattern baldness), and sent on my way.

In the meantime, I started to research things that can cause women’s hair loss.  Mine was going on way too long and in my heart I knew that something must be wrong.  I went to endocrinologist to check my thyroid and adrenals.  I went to a rheumatologist to check for chronic inflammation or some sort of autoimmune disorder that could be kicking off autoimmune hair loss.  I went to two other dermatologist – this was over the course of a year and a half.  But, no one could really help me.  All of my tests were within normal ranges and some even gave me the idea that they thought this was psychological.

I kept plugging away on my own.  I tried rogaine, spiro, specialty shampoos, hair coverings called toppix, hair growth formulas, etc.  Some of these things helped a little, but the loss came back.  Then, almost two years after my hair loss when I had all but given up, I found someone who actually helped me.

Finally Some Help

One day in desperation, it became obvious to me that I was going to have to think about supplemental hair.  I didn’t know if the loss would slow, but I wanted to be prepared if it didn’t.  After about two years of hair loss, the process had taken it’s told.  So, I went to a hair salon that specialized in hair pieces, extensions, wigs, and toppers.

The stylist was wonderful and had experienced hair loss herself.  She examined my head and noticed some scalp issues which she asked if I had noticed.  I had.  In fact, my scalp often burned and was red, but I chalked it up to “burning scalp syndrome” that often goes hand in hand with hair loss. She also noticed little flakes in my eye lashes and brows.  I’d been on special shampoo for this, but it hadn’t helped my hair loss.

The stylist fitted me for a topper, but told me that she felt that my best bet would be a two step process. First, I would need to beat down the inflammation that was obvious because of my red scalp.  Once this was calmed down, I needed to concentrate on regrowing hair once I had a healthy scalp to work with.

It turns out that at least in my case, the rogaine was only burning my scalp and clogging my hair follicles.  (This is ONLY in my case.  I know people who have had very good results with rogaine so you have to do what works for you. She magnified my follicles and showed me an angry, clogged mess.) So, now that I knew the problem (inflammation and a lack of regrowth) I then started a mad quest on how to combat these things.  Here’s what I found out and here’s what has helped me.

Getting Answers

Note: If this page cuts off at the bottom, you can click here to see it fully. From the tons of research that I did, I learned that the ingredients in hair care products, hair loss products, and even hygiene products that we used are filled with ingredients that are extremely irritating.  Many of them contain the same industrial ingredient that is used to scrub greasy floors.  This is to add sudsy bubbles to fool us into thinking that it’s working better. For me, this was obvious to look at my brows and scalp that something was irritating them. My scalp was angry, flaky, and tight and painful.  My brows were flaking and I was even shedding eyebrows and eyelashes regularly.

The first thing I did was ditch the rogaine. (Of course, you don’t want to go by my experience.  Ask your doctor if you have questions about this.) It hadn’t really helped me anyway.  Then, I went on the search for non harmful hair care products that not only wouldn’t aggravate my scalp or clog my follicles but would also support hair growth.  I did not go into this quest looking for natural products, but they were the best fit for me.  I found three  ebooks (and one great product) that were helpful to me. Below are the four things that I found helpful. (Again, I’m not an expert and I’m not trying to give you medical advice (terms and affiliate disclosures)

The first is  How To Regrow Lost Hair Naturally He literally shows you how to take $12.00 to the grocery store and gives you suggestions to take what you’ve assembled and use it to potentially regrow your hair. You’ll do a hair treatment each day meant to unclog, stimulate, and nourish the follicle to get it to quickly produce a healthy hair again (have you seen the little baby peach fuzz hair that rogaine produces – that’s not the idea here.) This guy really helped me to see that I don’t have to treat my hair with kid gloves.  Doing the correct manipulation and massage actually strengthens, unclogs, and wakes up my follicles.  Yes, there is a picture of a man on the cover of this book, but it’s an EXCELLENT book  (in my opinion) for women too.  He offers a free book that you can get by clicking here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Unraveling The Mysteries Of Female Hair Loss: The strength of this book is that it takes you by the hand and shows you every possibility for your hair loss and ask the right questions to help guide you to what may be the culprit for you. She is also completely on board with natural solutions for any type of hair loss.  She’s not at all afraid of AGA and will show you how to kick it back.  She teaches you to control the loss, create regrowth, and to making what you have look so much better. This book is chock full of information from medical conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and good old fashioned AGA and CTE.  It’s 132 pages long.  She goes in depth in how to cope when the loss is still going on.  You can learn more about it here. If this page has cut off, click here to reload it.

The final thing that really helped me was a laser comb.  For months, I went to the salon for 15 minute sessions over my head.  I paid a dollar a minute but I got good results.  One day, the stylist said to me “you know you can buy these yourself and it would probably save you some money.”  I looked online but these things were still too pricey. Then, it hit me to look on ebay.  You can get one there for about 1/4 the price.  Also, there are several sellers who make them – with even more lasers than the original.  I have several and I like them.  You can check out the laser combs on Ebay by clicking here. If you are not a member of Ebay, you can sign up here for free(affiliate disclosures)

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